Scott Gordon

Founding Partner, CEO and CIO

Scott is CEO and the founder of Silver Spike Capital. He began investing in the plant-based and health & wellness industry in 2013 and soon thereafter co-founded Egg Rock Holdings, parent company of the Papa & Barkley family of cannabis and CBD products. He is also among the pioneering investors within the burgeoning realm of psychedelics for use in mental health.

Scott has over 30 years of investing and asset management experience in emerging markets. He was one of the founding members of the JP Morgan emerging market business and later went on to head the market leading emerging market and distressed investing effort at ING Capital and the global special situations group at Bank of America. Scott then went to the buy side, where he led the emerging market businesses at Marathon Asset Management, Caxton Associates, and Taconic Capital. Prior to launching Silver Spike, Scott was President of Fintech Advisory, a multi – billion dollar Family Office fund.